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Supervised PhD Theses
in progress Emer Jones
in progress Johannes Mehrer
in progress Courtney Spoerer
Supervised Master’s Theses
in progress Lucas Weber
2017 Lynn Sörensen Representational dynamics of visual object perception in source-reconstructed MEG-data
2014 Anna Lisa Gert Face-dependent Event Related Potentials Show Modulation by Viewing angle
2013 Basil Wahn Investigating Representations of Face Viewpoints Across the Visual Field – an fMRI study
2012 Danja Porada An MEG Study of Developing Category Expertise in a Perceptual Learning Paradigm
Supervised Bachelor’s Theses
2015 Jan Lause EEG correlates of plasticity in human face perception
2015 Silja Timm In search of object-based visual representations in the healthy human cortex using a steady-state paradigm
2014 Steffen Kaiser Vertical Viewpoint – Does Body Height Modulate Perception of Faces?
2012 Julia Schumacher Evidence for Prototype Theories, Revisited
2011 Maike Gaca The Correlation between Perceptual Category Learning and Sleep EEG Pattern in Diurnal Napping
2011 Benedikt Ehinger Electrophysiological Correlates of Category Learning
2010 Nico Möller Aspect Graphs in the Context of Object Recognition